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Cherry Bomber Mod, Overlook and safety

Pip pip old fruits   Everyone seems to be talking about these mods. The Cherry Bomber!       And they seem to have that Marmite like charm, you either love them or hate them, to me these are simply amazing!   Alas not everyone seems to share my love and it has to be said a large part of that is due to "Safety Issues"   Let's face it, a dual 18650 mechanical mod, with almost no safety features, certainly has the capability of causing damage!   I'll take you through a few simple commonsense steps that will reduce...

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Smok M80 XPro Review

Pip pip old beans   With all the recent hype on temperature controlled devices,  I was thrilled to get a a chance to take Smok's latest device for a spin.       The M80 is a variable wattage device,  with a host of features and first impressions are incredibly good.   The unit comes in an alloy body, as is the norm nowadays and features the usual led screen, large fire button and two smaller buttons for adjusting the settings,  the spring loaded 510 connection has an air flow channel for those that need it and there's a mini...

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Ralfy's Three Top RDA Coil Builds

Pip pip old beans here are my favorite 3 coil setups for Dripping at this time, as we all know that's set to change of course, however for now the 3 amigos listed below really do the business for me, all 3 must be credited to the great Twisted messes on Youtube, an inspiration to us all for experimentation and innovation, big thanks to you Sir    1. The Zipper!           A Parallel setup with each wire consisting of 3 strands of twisted then flattened .25 Kanthal, not as hard to make as it looks, and...

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The Big Dripper

Pip pip old beans Now cast your minds back to a time when sub ohm tanks where just a dream, when the only way you could enjoy the Dripper like cloud and flavour was to, well drip. Not always the most convenient situation, driving, watching TV in bed and for me, tattooing, were all situations that made dripping a pain in the bum. Enter the Big Dripper!     Basically a rebuildable dripping atomizer with a tank built above the deck! Meaning that instead of carrying a separate juice bottle and needing both hands to wet the wicks, you can...

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Arctic subtank review

  Well ding dong old fruits! After the Kangertech Subtank, Joytechs amazing Delta2, I was lucky enough to be able to try Horizon Techs latest Subtank, The Arctic!   This thing rocks! one thing the Kanger let me down on was, when using high VG juice I sometimes got dry hits Kangertech sorted that issue with the new Plus. Mini and Nanotechnology versions, however at the time it meant the Subtank stayed parked on my shelf, and I returned to my Big Dripper for driving, using in bed etc.   Then came the Delta2, a match of design and function...

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