Smok M80 XPro Review

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With all the recent hype on temperature controlled devices,  I was thrilled to get a a chance to take Smok's latest device for a spin.




The M80 is a variable wattage device,  with a host of features and first impressions are incredibly good.


The unit comes in an alloy body, as is the norm nowadays and features the usual led screen, large fire button and two smaller buttons for adjusting the settings,  the spring loaded 510 connection has an air flow channel for those that need it and there's a mini USB port in the base, for charging and firmware updates.



I have to say the build quality is absolutely superb. I really like the styling and the M80's compact size fits wonderfully in my hand.




With dual built in 18650 Li-polymer batteries, the usb cable port and built in pass through (vape whilst charging) the M80 should never let you down


To power up the device, press the fire button 5 times in quick succession and repeat to lock the fire button,  to prevent accidental firing, to access the menu, press the button again 3 times, this will bring up the 5 (yes 5) option menu.


1, choose between either wattage,  temp or mech modes.

Wattage mode is the familiar vw function and once selected is adjusted via the two smaller side buttons 

Temperature mode is an interesting feature,  that allows the user to set a maximum coil temperature,  thereby avoiding dry hits when dripping,  I must admit my initial misgivings are unfounded and this feature works very well indeed.

Mech mode is just that, the unit will fire your device with its full capacity. 


2, Is the puff count and features the ability to set a number of daily puffs, once reached the unit displays "max puffs" and won't fire, setting this to 000 allows unlimited use.


3, Sets time and date 


4, Sets maximum temperature in temp mode


5, Allows the user to power down the device


So what's the performance like?

Quite frankly it's stellar,  the M80 works wonderfully,  it fires devices as low as 0.1ohm and as high as 3.0 ohm, the power delivery is smooth and consistent and the battery life is spot on too

The display is clear and informative and as mentioned the construction and styling are delightful .


All in all I'm one happy vaper!


Here's my video review folks,  where I go further into the temperature control feature and we take the M80 through its paces




Remember Smoking kills, vaping saves lives, which do you choose? 


Toodles old beans 






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