The Big Dripper

Pip pip old beans

Now cast your minds back to a time when sub ohm tanks where just a dream, when the only way you could enjoy the Dripper like cloud and flavour was to, well drip.

Not always the most convenient situation, driving, watching TV in bed and for me, tattooing, were all situations that made dripping a pain in the bum.

Enter the Big Dripper!



Basically a rebuildable dripping atomizer with a tank built above the deck!

Meaning that instead of carrying a separate juice bottle and needing both hands to wet the wicks, you can do it all single handed.


The design is simple and ingenious, coming in four parts, the body acts as the airflow control, vapour chimney and juice reservoir in one.


Juice is fed to the coil deck by simply pressing the drip tip down, filling the tank is a doddle too, with no fiddly screws to worry about and with a traditional three post deck, adjustable airflow and the ability to take any standard 510 drip tip, it's a great device in my book.


Go check my full review and build on my YouTube channel, you may just consider treating yourself to a great piece of kit indeed 


Toodles old beans 





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