Plume Veil RDA Clone


The Plume Veil RDA clone from PYX Technology.

Packed with features and engineered to a very high standard, this RDA certainly fulfils my needs



The gold plated deck and 510 connectors, give a hint of the quality finish, under the hood we find two unique features that help this bad boy pack a serious punch.
First there’s the air delivery system, not only have we got the three way cyclops styled side vents, perfect for both twin and single coil setups, we also have air intakes that feed directly to the negative posts to really give you some air where it’s needed and there’s an adjustable drip tip insulator too, allowing you to both adjust the size of the chamber, by screwing it down and at the same time opening two vent holes situated on top of the top cap either side of the drip tip. 



This means that the extra heat your smaller chamber created, is easily dealt with, leaving you with warm dense vapour and flavour.
Secondly there’s the twin positive post arrangement, the beauty of which is that you have the option to choose the post width that best suits your coils, if you have a super sub four wrap, you can use the positive post nearest the negative, and for your 10 wrap coils you can use the one furthest away, allowing you to keep those leads and wraps nice and tight for a super quick ramp up



I chose the black finish and it’s superb, sat atop my T5 the pair look made for each other. 

If you want seriously well made and great value for money, this thing delivers!
I’m running quad micro coils at 0.15ohms and the Plume produces some of the richest, thickest, flavour filled vapour I’ve ever had, there’s a reason that it’s favoured by some of the best known reviewers on YouTube, I own far too many RDA’s and out of the lot this is one I can’t see me putting down anytime soon. 



Easily rebuilt, solid to vape, and as sturdy as they come, this RDA is a sure fire winner in my book, in fact I like it so much I have now bought another!

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