Ralfy's Three Top RDA Coil Builds

Pip pip old beans

here are my favorite 3 coil setups for Dripping at this time, as we all know that's set to change of course, however for now the 3 amigos listed below really do the business for me, all 3 must be credited to the great Twisted messes on Youtube, an inspiration to us all for experimentation and innovation, big thanks to you Sir 


1. The Zipper!






A Parallel setup with each wire consisting of 3 strands of twisted then flattened .25 Kanthal, not as hard to make as it looks, and very pleasing to the eye, with a fast ramp up time for its size, and a solid surface area it performs wonderfully for me


2. The fused Clapton!




Another parallel, this time its two strands of .5 Nichrome, over wrapped with a .23 Kanthal spiral, for me it brings together all the advantages of the Nichromes heat, coupled with Kanthals flavour making goodness!


3. The Tidal Wave!




A 3rd parallel!

Four strands of .25 Kanthal, straightened, twisted, then spun in reverse to become intertwined with .8 Kanthal ribbon, if coils ever interbred with wicking materials, this would be their offspring!



The main benefit I get from these setup's is FLAVOR! they all produce great cloud, with a twin Zipper setup chucking aplenty for me, however its in the flavor department that these three excel.


So get twisting Vapers! 

Remember: ALWAYS use protected high out put batteries when subohming eg Sony vt4, always vape safe

Now you can either checkout my good man "Twisted Messes" on youtube, or My good self of course, even better, subscribe to us both for great reviews and vaping tutorials


Ding dong!

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