Cherry Bomber Mod, Overlook and safety

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Everyone seems to be talking about these mods.

The Cherry Bomber!




And they seem to have that Marmite like charm, you either love them or hate them, to me these are simply amazing!


Alas not everyone seems to share my love and it has to be said a large part of that is due to "Safety Issues"


Let's face it, a dual 18650 mechanical mod, with almost no safety features, certainly has the capability of causing damage!


I'll take you through a few simple commonsense steps that will reduce any risks and hopefully enhance the pleasure you get from using this device.


First a quick overlook.

The Cherry Bomber mod is a billet alloy, dual 18650 mechanical mod, it features a magnet retained sliding battery cover, locking brass firing button and all copper connections.




Mine is beautifully made and due to that copper "circuit" it hits like a train! Two batteries mean it has a great battery life and to be fair, that deep engraved design is right up my street!


So let's take a look at those simple steps to ensure our safe enjoyment of "da bomber"


First of all let's remove the side plate and plastic top cover from inside, revealing the underside of the 510 connection and the swith section of the firing button.


There's two important steps here.


Make sure the screw on the end of that firing button is nice and tight, I use the side of my screwdriver.




Once that's done, check the Copper ring on the bottom of the 510 and you will notice there's a flat side on there. Ok making sure the button is turned anticlockwise  (unlocked) line the flat with the screw you just tightened and whilst pressing the fire button in, use your screw driver on top of the 510 to tighten it down. Now when you turn the button clockwise it will lock i.e. not push in so far and the mod won't fire up. Simples!





The next important thing to watch for, is making sure that 510 doesn't spin when your changing atties or taking your top cap off to drip.


The top cap is a simple case of taking care, don't twist it off, use a nice pull instead and you'll be fine.


Changing devices is a little more involved, first remove the side plate, loosen the screws that hold the batteries and take them out, now we can safely use the fire button to hold the 510 ring secure, whenever we change atomisers (just like above when we first set it and tightened it up)


There's one last important thing. Once you've fitted your atomiser and batteries, shorting across the bombers body onto your device will cause it to fire, that's regardless of what you do with the switch, so if you put it in your pocket or bag and your keys, change etc. Touch the mod and your atty at the same time it will turn on!


The solution of course is to take care. Do not put this in a place with things that could short it out. Simply put. Take care of it.


I always carry mine either on its own in my pocket or in a small cloth bag isnide my rucksack, it's simple commonsense.


So there you go. Don't be put off by any horror stories, a little common sense and the Cherry Bomber is as safe as any mechanical mod and what's more it's a true joy to use.



Go check my video on YouTube for yourself and see just how simple it is.


Toddles for now







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