Knucklehead Vapes Shortfill Juice Range


Knucklehead Vapes Shortfill Juice Range
Made In Batches And 4 Week Steeped Minimum
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Our most popular flavours now available as TPD compliant Shortfill juice
Ready to go as supplied in 0mg nicotine, or add nicotine shots if required. 


Layers of fresh Whipped Cream, envelop thick rich Vanilla Custard, with a sweet Yellow Cake base.

Perfectly blended into the ultimate smooth ADV.
This is one you won't want to miss
Be prepared to be shocked!
A decadently smooth vanilla custard, blended from the finest ingredients 
Sometimes the simplest things are the best....
Will your pallete recognise the subtle layers that make up this handcrafted delight, or will you simply become engulfed in its sweet, creamy goodness? 
We can't tell, however we do know that once you try "Just" you may never recover.
Brain Fog
Warm Belgium Waffles, Topped with fresh ripe Strawberries and Cream, decadently drizzled in sweet rich Caramel. 
Delicately blended to our usual high standards, Brain Fog is a delicious ADV that's sure to please
Will you lose Control?
King George
You may be familiar with a certain king of rock and roll that had an affinity for fried Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches?
Here at the Towers we believe such classics deserve to be honoured, so we worked long and hard to bring you this wonderfully delicious and calorie free delight.
Smooth, rich and deeply satisfying, King George himself would be hard put to find better.
Fresh Glazed Doughnuts, lightly powdered with the finest Cinnamon 
Perfectly balanced and blended, Sinned truly is a Doughnut lovers dream
Deeply Decadent yet Calorie free
You will be praying for redemption!
Lady P

Strong words softly spoken

Smooth as the finest silk and lavishly creamy, this wonderful elixir brings together the freshest strawberry delights and our renowned vanilla custard....
Neither too sickly or indeed too sour, Lady Penelope is an ideal all day vape 
A refined and quintessentially English taste, that is equally at home in the hardworking Town house or Country retreat
Lady Penelope always delivers the goods.

The Guvnor

Are you having a larf! 

The Guvnor is a sweet sugar cookie, with a dusting of fresh Cinnamon and just enough whipped cream to bring the two together perfectly. Warm, sweet and fresh it's the perfect balance of hard and soft.

The Guvnor. are you ready to go a round or two?

Milk Teeth

Fresh ripe Strawberry meets fresh milky goodness, with a dusting of sweet Coconut in this Candy Delight.

A true blast from the past, no self respecting tuck shop would ever be without a penny bag of these goofy treats.

Cavity and calorie free, this is fast becoming a favourite ADV.

Supplied as 100ml 0mg In 120ml bottles, (10ml in 10ml as Miniature testers)
Ready to add Nicotine shots if required (2X18mg will make 120ml 3mg)

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