Nasty Coils! Handcrafted Premade RDA coils


(Formally known as In-Vapes)

Beautifully crafted and designed to perform  

The Wrapped Flatwire "Flapton" coils are truly great performers  

N80s 20awg / 44awg aprox .07♎ a pair

The Ni80 fused Clapton coils truly deliver 

2x26awg / 34awg aprox .08♎ a pair

The Wrathfulwirez fused Claptons offer amazingly fast ramp up and crisp flavour

2x24g Wrathfulwirez / 44g NI80 aprox .08♎ a pair

Ribbon Coils. Unrivaled in performance 

2x24g n80 Fused with .4×.1 n80 ribbon
.08 ♎

Please note : Sold in Pairs

These coils are for advanced users only. We accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by misuse or ignorance

All values are approximate. Due to the handmade nature of this product, variations may occur.  

You will need rda post holes large enough to take the legs on these coils. 


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