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 Home Of The Duster Mod

Knucklehead Vapes is a family owned and run business, we pride ourselves in offering top notch service and high end products.

Located near to Melton Mowbray  in the heart of rural England, we are dedicated ex smokers that turned to vaping to help us become smoke free and found that a lot of the ejuice we were buying just didn't cut it.

Plus there was a bewildering array of hardware too! We couldn't tell what worked with what. Or even how a lot of it even worked.

The simple solution was to make our own Flavours using only the highest quality and safest ingredients, the result was a range of delicious products, that we are now able to make available to all.

And to tailor a hardware line that only carries complimentary products, meaning if we sell it, you can rest assured that it works with not only our other hardware products, but also our complete line of DIY ejuice. 

All of our own label Flavour Shots are made by us, using only the finest ingredients, we insist on them containing only the highest quality food grade flavours.

The same goes for our range of premade RDA coils, our coil guys simply create a great range of cloud chasing, flavour pumping lovelies, with imported coils from the far east having uncertain safety and the hassle of buying a wide range of wire, learning to make and wrap the various combinations we have on offer, why not simply trust us to provide them for you?

Built by hand using the safest, high grade wire, and always stating the approximate ohm rating of a fitted pair of coils, allowing you to choose a suitable and safe setup.

Let's talk serious hardware! 

To compliment our in house products, you will find our Vaping Hardware collection. With RDA Drippers, Mods and accessories, in an ever growing range. Carefully selected and tested to offer you the best value and performance.

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Many thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again soon.