Chaos Ni85 Wire

Chaos Ni85 Wire


Chaos Wire presents Ni85 ! 

We are pretty certain this is the first sign of Ni85 in the vaping industry and maybe most other industries , most of you are probably wondering why not just use Ni80 or Ni90 well that's simple , Ni80 isn't low enough for most and Ni90 is either too low or degrades rather fast.

This wire is higher in resistance than ni90 but acts very similar while maintaining excellent flavour , zero ramp up and less oxidisation than Ni90.

Features :

  • Hot and dense clouds.
  • Less oxidation than Ni90.
  • Low resistance.
  • Excellent Flavour.
  • Made for Mechanical Mods.
  • Comes on spools.
  • Made in the UK to Chaos Wire Specs.

Please note : 

You will have to pulse on a mech before placing onto a regulated mod (similar to Ni90)

Please use with care.

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