King George Flavour Shot Regal Peanut Butter and Jelly

King George Flavour Shot Regal Peanut Butter and Jelly


Well pip pip old beans.
You may be familiar with a certain king of rock and roll that had an affinity for fried PB and J sandwiches?
Here at the Towers we believe such classics deserve to be honoured, so we worked long and hard to bring you this wonderfully delicious and calorie free delight.
Smooth, rich and deeply satisfying, King George himself would be hard put to find better, indeed we scoured the 4 corners of the empire to bring you this tasty treat.
With lightly toasted peanut on the inhale, the flavour develops into a warm strawberry Jam and leaves a perfectly balanced aftertaste, that cannot fail to please.
PLEASE NOTE: We only produce 1 monthly batch of King George  
Supplied In 30ml With Empty 100ml juice bottle
Best Mixed At 17-20% And Steeped For 1-2 Weeks
To make 100ml of 3mg Juice:
Add 20ml of concentrate to the empty bottle supplied.
Add 16.7ml of our Nicotine  (adjust if using your own)
Top up with VG (not supplied)
Shake well and steep accordingly.

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