Endless 2X2 Decks


The Endless 2x2 Deck is designed primarily for ease of building. The deck boasts a 2 post system where the coil legs exit the oitside edge of the post. This enables the builder to position and tighten their coil in place before clipping the legs. Because of this ingenius design they is no need to pre cut coil legs before they are inserted into the post holes!!

The deck takes all of the EM Top Caps. Perfect when paired with our Endless Slam Caps

Silver Plated Stainless Steel Deck.
Silver Plated Copper Positive Post and 510 Pin.
Peek Insulators
Stainless Steel Grub Screws
Deep Juice Well

As with all of Endless Mods UK products are quality is not comprised because of the price point.

PLEASE NOTE: These are Decks Only. You will need a suitable Cap to complete your rda.

This unique RDA Deck will be an asset to any Mod you choose to put it on!!

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