Endless Mods Cleaner Mod and Rda Kits Authentic


After the Success of the 24mm Clean Mod Endless have Launched the 25mm Clearner Mod with the added bonus of a Stack'EM so you can choose whether you run your mod single Battery or stacked. 

The Cleaner uses the same button type as the V2 sleeve mod so the throw is shorter and as with all of our mods it carries our signature switch lock that doubles an external fire button. 

The Mods and Stack'EMs are deep engraved with logo and matching serial numbers that actually line up!!  (only on matched sets) 

We also Launched the Slam'Em 25 to complement the mod and it's included, with a 2X2 24mm deck in the kits, to provide a complete set up. 

Copper, Brass and Silver Plated Copper are all solid material

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