Biohazard Fused Clapton RDA Coils By Matt Williams


Matt Williams Biohazard Fused Clapton RDA Coils!

We are very Happy to be able to offer these.

High on performance and beautifully handcrafted, these fused clapton coils are perfect for cloud chasing flavour junkies

Available in several configurations, sold in Pairs.

Series set: 26g kanthal cores wrapped in 36g ni80 3.5mm id. @ approximately 0.3ohm 

Chaos set: 24g ni85 chaos wire wrapped in 36g ni80 outer wrap. 5wraps 3mm i.d @ approximately 0.07 ohm

Mad Rabbit Stainless: 24g SS Mad Rabbit cores 36g ni80 outer wrap. 3mm id 5 wraps @ approximately 0.08 ohm

Mad Rabbit: 25g ni90 mad rabbit cores
36g ni80 outer wrap. 3.5mm id 5 wraps @ approximately 0.07 ohm

Ni802 24g cores wrapped in 36g. 5 wraps on 3mm @ approximately 0.1ohm

NI90: 2 24g cores wrapped in 36g NI80, 5 wraps on 3.5mm @ approximately 0.07ohm

Stainless: 2 24g 317l cores, wrapped in 36g NI80, 5 wraps on 3mm @ approximately 0.07ohm

Wrathfulwirez: wrathful cores, wrapped in 36g ni80, 
5 wraps on a 3mm around 0.08

These coils are for advanced users only. We accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by misuse or ignorance

All values are approximate. Due to the handmade nature of this product, variations may occur.  

You will need rda post holes large enough to take the legs on these coils. 

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