Premium Eliquid Shortfills


Premium Eliquid Shortfills

We have put together a selection of high end liquids, all supplied ready to add nicotine or vape as supplied at 0mg.

Simply add 1 shot (for 50ml) 1.5 shots (for 80ml) or 2 (for 100ml) to make 3mg and shake and vape these delicious juices. 

These offer a great tpd friendly solution, with all the convenience and flavour you will ever need.

The Custard Company

Vanilla or Strawberry deeply wrapped in thick rich custard 50ml

Pancake Man

The true classic.

Fresh stacked pancakes, topped with strawberries and drizzled in maple syrup  50ml

French Dude

French Toast, topped with Blueberries and whipped Cream, and finished with a drizzling of Maple Syrup. 50ml

Jam Monster

Rich sweet Strawberry, Apple, Grape or Blueberry fruit jam, on freshly buttered warm toast 100ml in 120ml bottles. 

Glazed kronuts.

Sugar glazed, Vanilla Custard Donuts, this is one that's sure to please. 100ml in 120ml bottles. 


Everyone loves milk and cookies, Villa is one of our favourite adv. 100ml in 120ml bottles. 

Fett Waff.

Fresh sweet Waffles sprinkled in sugar confetti. 100ml in 120ml bottles. 

 Vape Flurry.

Ice Cream, Cookie and Milkshake!

Simply delicious 100ml in 120ml bottles. 

 Cupcake Man.

Delicious sweet cupcakes,  with a creamy icing and topped with fresh Strawberries or Blueberries. 

100ml shortfill in 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle.

Flawless Outcast.

A sweet, chewy piece of Taffy infused with the great flavor of carnival cotton candy, providing a delicious all-day vape!

100ml Shortfill in a 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle

Strawberry Cookie Butter

A warm & creamy freshly baked cookie, drizzled with Butter and Strawberries.

100ml in 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle.

Ice Cream Cake

A Delicious Blend of Yellow cake and rich ice cream, Arctic roll never tasted this good!

100ml in 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle.

Just Jam

Simply Stunning! A spoon full of thick rich Strawberry jam in every vape! (Does not contain real jam) 80ml in 100ml bottle

Circus Cookie

Delicious shortcake cookie drenched in sprinkles and covered in pink and white frosting. 80ml in 100ml bottles. 

Circus Cotton Candy.

Sweet and fluffy! Blue Raspberry Candy Floss. 80ml in 100ml bottles. 

Circus Coconut Cake.

A whipped cream filled Chocolate Cake, topped with delicious Coconut Shavings and Marshmallow Cream. 80ml in 100ml bottles.

Dough Bros 

A dessert  range everyone can enjoy, full of flavour and a definite all day vape. Each flavour has the most perfect doughnut base topped and filled with amazing fillings, branded with a touch of class. 80ml in 100ml bottles.